Prof. Ola Henfridsson, PhD 

Professor of Information Systems and Management

Warwick Business School 
The University of Warwick

Skype name: ohenfridsson
Cell phone: +447405194204

Ola Henfridsson

Recent Publications

Constantinides, P., Henfridsson, O. and Parker, G. (2018) ”Platforms and Infrastructures in the Digital Age,” Information Systems Research (29:2)

Gregory, R., Kaganer, E., Ruch, T., Henfridsson, O. ”IT Consumerization and the Transformation of IT Governance” MIS Quarterly (forthcoming) 

Henfridsson, O., Nandhakumar, J., Scarbrough, H. and Panourgias, N. (2018) "Recombination in the Open-Ended Value Landscape of Digital Innovation” 

Information & Organization, (28:2), pp. 89-100.

Huang, J., Henfridsson, O., Liu, M., Newell, S. 2017. ”Growing on Steroids: Rapidly Scaling the User Base through Digital Innovation” MIS Quarterly, (41:1), pp. 301-314.